blackhead Remover Mask Black

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Product Description
Natural bamboo charcoal to remove blackhead , gentle no stimulation
The definition of blackhead:
Also called blackheads, is the skin grease in the air caused by oxidation, black stunk.
Black head is common in the face, chest, back, and especially the black head on nose,
at most, whose character is significantly increased in the pores of black spots
after extrusion shaped like a small bug, black top.
he causes of the formation of blackheads:
Mainly by the sebum and cellular debris and bacteria blocking in the hair follicle openings,
which formed with dust, dirt and oxidation in the air, make its exposure to the air of a head of black.
According to different degree of black, the use of course is not the same.
1.Mild blackhead
Suggest once a week, a period of treatment is used to effectively, a box for a period of treatment.
2.Moderate blackhead
Suggest using it twice a week, use 2-3 course effectively.
3.Heavy blackhead
Suggest three or four times a week, four treatment can see effect.
How to use:
1. Clean the skin completely, after extrusion nose mask daub appropriate amount to have black nose.
2.Pay attention to make nose mask covering a certain thickness, and try to apply evenly.
3.15 to 20 minutes, nasal membrane completely dry, gently remove the line the route from below.
4. The remaining residue with clean water.
Package list:
1 Pcs x   Activated bamboo charcoal Peeling off Nose mask (without retail box)
10 Pcs x Activated bamboo charcoal Peeling off Nose mask (with retail box)