Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator Lotion 250ml

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About us

Australian Gold is one of the most recognised brand of indoor tanning lotions. Accelerator lotion has been one of the top selling product for over 25 years. Australian Gold brand offers products to fit every tanner’s needs, lifestyle, price point and personal predilection. It is an integral part of the legacy of indoor tanning.

Australian Gold formulas use key ingredients that are nature-based to promote the darkest tan and healthiest-looking skin possible so the tan you get is your own.naturally! Australian Gold researchers are pioneers in the formulation and custom-blending of premium tanning and skin care products, so every Australian Gold formula you buy contains more than two decades of tanning and skin care research that leads the industry.

Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator Lotion 250ml

Dark Tanning Accelerator With Native Australian Oils and Vitamins A and E continues to beone of the best Tanning Lotion its exotic blend is a superb tanning formula, allows your natural pigmentation process to tan as fast as nature allows! Exclusive Biosine Complex formula carries nutrients, moisturisers and protectants keeping your skin hydrated and conditioned to allow maximum UV stimulated melanin (tanning) production.

  • Botanical Essences and Native Australian Oils which supply important nutrients to the skin for deep, dark colour.
  • Advanced moisturising ingredients help hydrate the skin for a soft, smooth effect.
  • Classic Australian Gold CocoaDreams fragrance.
  • Also available in 250ml Spray.
  • No Bronzers, this is a basic tanning intensifier.
  • Biosine Complex: An advanced combination of Tea Tree Oil, Olive Oil and Panthenol to soothe, soften and moisturise.
  • Native Australian Oils: Help to condition and moisturise your skin for a gorgeous glow.
  • Fragrance: Classic Cocoa Dreams
  • Size: 250ml