4/4 Electric Acoustic Violin Basswood Fiddle with Violin Case Cover Bow for Musical Stringed Instrument Lovers Beginners

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4/4 Bilateral Models Handmade Electronic Violin for Beginners


Perfect strings, featured pitch stability, good play-ability and fast turning.

Equipped with headphone,delicate mute,can better grasp the sound.

Adjusting the violin sound according to the player's preference.

Safe and firm kin halter design, light and convenient.

Small contact to the violin body,decreases the vibration of the violin while being played.

Straight uniform bow strings,moderate weight,good elasticity. 


With a carrying case,provides a good protection for the violin ,

and makes it easier for you to carry it.

Color: white;black;wine red



The material of pull strings: aluminum alloy

The material of panel and back side panels: basswood

Package Included:

1x Violin

1x Violin Case

1x Connecting Line

1x Earphone 

Fingerboard Material: Ebony
Back / Side Material: Basswood
Tailpiece Material: Basswood
Face Material: Basswood
Model Number: SKU694353
Size: 4/4
Bow Material: Ebony
Top Material: Basswood